PCB reverse engineering services process and method

Rich PCB reverse engineering services experience

Shenzhen OROD main business: PCB reverse engineering services, PCB processing, Printed circuit board design, PCBA manufacturing! .The company is one of the earliest PCB revers engineering services companies in China, with nearly ten years of reverse engineering experience. OROD has newly established an advanced PCB reverse engineering research laboratory. We purchased professional board reading machine equipment and software. And established a professional board copying team. Nearly 100000 PCB reverse engineering cases are handled every year. Also, the success rate of the board copying cases is guaranteed. Our company’s rich experience in the board. based on ensuring the success rate. It can be more efficient to complete the board work. High efficiency and high success rate make it highly praised in the industry.

PCB reverse engineering technology Q & A

With the rapid upgrading of electronic products and the emergence of new foreign technology products in the information age, it is imperative to carry out technical analysis, technical follow-up, technological barrier breakthrough, and competitive analysis of the existing popular products. Under this situation, Printed circuit board reverse engineering services came into being.

In the past 15 years, Shenzhen OROD has accumulated mature and complete board-making technology. PCB reverse engineering business covers most types and difficulties of PCB circuit boards. including but not limited to the following industries:
1. Wireless communication equipment: such as wireless base station;
2. Optical network transmission equipment: such as SDH, DWDM equipment.
3. Data communication equipment: such as a high-end router, LAN switch, ADSL, etc.
4. High-end computing equipment: server, host board, etc.
5. Multimedia electronic equipment: TV, HDTV, DVD, DVB, LCDTV, PDP, LCOS, DLP.
6. High power switching power supply products: home appliances, computers, communications, switching power supply printed circuit board design.
7. Power electronic equipment: frequency converter, UPS, industrial power supply, industrial control board. Various series of industrial control Printed circuit board design.

Scan a picture of the printed circuit board Note: since there may be small chip elements under the large components, you can scan them first, remove the large elements, and then scan again.
Remove the componentsR emove all components the tin from the pad hole on printed circuit board.We start to scan it. According to the PCB board’s precision to get a clearer image. Start Photoshop, scan the screen printing surface in color mode, save the file, and print it for future use;
Pay attention to the polarity and direction of components when removing the board.
Make BOM Refer to the circuit board picture in the first step, record the model, parameters, and positions of all components on paper, especially the direction of the diode, transistor, and IC gap, and finally make the BOM list;
Grinding plate Polish the two layers of the top and bottom layers with water gauze until the copper film is bright. Put it into the scanner, start Photoshop, and scan the two layers in color;
Adjust the contrast and shade What contrast the canvas to the part with copper film. Then turn the secondary image to black and white. Or check whether the lines are clear. If not, repeat this step. It clear, save the image as a black and white BMP file TOP. BMP and BOT.BMP. If there is a problem with the graphics, you can also use Photoshop to correct them.
Start the PCB reverse engineering software Protel Transfer the scanned PCB board images into the file menu, convert the two BMP format files into PROTEL format files, and transfer them to the two-tier in PROTEL. If the two PAD and VIA levels basically coincide, it indicates that the first few steps are perfect, and if there are deviations, repeat the fourth steps.
Convert the BMP of the top layer into TOP PCB Pay attention to convert to the silk layer, and then you line the top layer and place the device according to the drawing in step 2. Delete the silk layer after drawing.
Convert the BMP of the BOT layer into BOT PCB The same as above is converted to the silk layer, and then you can draw lines in the BOT layer. Delete the silk layer after drawing.
Compose it into a graph In Protel TOP.PCB and BOT.PCB Call-in.
Print double-sided PCB board Use a laser printer to print the top layer and bottom layer on the transparent film (1:1 ratio). Put the film on the printed circuit board and compare whether there is an error. If it is right, a simple double-sided board will be made!

Scientific PCB reverse engineering customer order process: The whole board reading service process includes the following steps:
1. Project consultation/quotation of PCB reverse engineering cost.
Customers provide their own demand for copying boards, the introduction of board type, expected time limit of copying boards and known information of related PCB boards, and communicate with our service or technical personnel to negotiate the price of copying boards.
2. The customer provides the original printed circuit board and deposit 50%
If the PCB board is sent by express delivery, please pay attention to the package to avoid damage.
3. Our company will copy the boards according to the needs of customers
Engineers divide work and cooperate. They work for customers in strict accordance with PCB reverse engineering process.
4. Please confirm the completion of the copy
We usually finish the PCB copy. Secretary will send a PDF document to the client, after the customer confirms the document. The boss officially sends all source files of the PCB clone.
5. Confirm the completion and settle the balance.
Client view documentation in detail. In case there are mistakes in some places. The engineer will correct it in time and then re-submit it to the customer for confirmation until my friends are satisfied.

Shenzhen OROD PCB copy price reference conditions
According to PCB size;
Printed circuit board layers;

Whether the board has a BGA chip;
Or it is a high-frequency PCB board;
The density of components on PCB
Manual operation difficulty, etc
About these above factors. We have price details for PCB reverse engineering services.
The company promised not to charge indiscriminately. If customers need other follow-up PCBA processing services, PCB clone fees can enjoy a specific discount.

Shenzhen OROD provides the full process service of printed circuit board reverse engineering. 

your IC unlocks successfully.
The engineering department makes BOM.
Engineers clone PCB.
Our purchasing department purchases materials.
The production department makes prototypes.
Maintenance personnel starts debugging and maintenance.
With the automatic equipment SMT processing.
A complete scheme solves all problems in one stop. The customers save time and financial resources.

Customer success stories


Original product

Customer provide one original sample. For the accuracy of the printed circuit board diagram: do not drop or damage components, let alone damage the circuit


PCB circuit diagram

100% correct PCB circuit board; A key step to product success.The accuracy of the circuit diagram of the same original sample is 1:1


Bom list

Detailed parameters and models of various electronic components and position numbers on PCB board are required

schematic diagram

Customers who need secondary development and customers who need to improve or upgrade old products in the past need reverse schematic diagram

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